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How did you find out about dating or hookup app you are using?
Apart from the most popular apps that are all over the place and been here for ages, I'm really interested to hear how did you find you about gay dating/hookup site you are using right now? From friends, from ads, by googling or from some other sources?

I dunno. I think these things just get around through word of mouth or Googling.

I only use Recon (gay fetish site).

Though what is interesting is, the guy who originally created Grindr has created a new app called Motto for casual gay sex aimed at eliminating all the toxic things that are rife on Grindr (pictureless profiles, headless torsos, bots, endless scrolling, disrespectful and abusive behaviour from other members etc.)

Apparently only currently available in a few cities in the US.

I tried including some articles but it did not want to post it. Might be worth checking out though.

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