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Why does he fall asleep so fast??

I’m currently in a so called relationship with a much older guy (50 yo) and he had the problem that he’s falling asleep so fast. Well maybe it’s not a problem for him but for me it kinda is.
I can’t enjoy him, if you know what I mean.
Mostly when it’s nighttime and we’re in bed kissing and cuddling he’s closing his eyes at some point and basically falls asleep.
Once it happened even when I touched him on more sensitive parts of his body…
After sex (if we reach that) he’s nearly sleeping before he could take off the condom.
And in general he sleeps a lot. Like he soften sleeps when I come home from work in the evening at 3 or 4 pm.

Is this a sign of some illness or just the fact of him being old?
Or am I so boring??

No one can possibly answer this with any certainty. One the one hand good sleep hygiene helps produce human growth hormone and loads of healthy processes like autophagy, while over sleeping can also be a sign of both mental and/or physical issues. So, my two cents is about transparent communication. The more you two can talk about the matter in a constructive and loving fashion, the more you can use that interpersonal interaction to foster more consideration and understanding for both of you. It's not just age imho. And it's not likely a matter of you being boring, though bringing up that angle is an interesting way to steer the communication away from "his problem" to your concern. If he cares he will likely try to engage and you can be prepared to be collaborative and avoid language that seems accusatory, whiny, or overly defensive. I wish I could sleep that easily!
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Very much agree with what @ChadCoxRox says above, the only thing I would add is that it probably isn't his age that is the issue, 50 (especially these days) is not old at all. Although bringing up the conversation may be difficult, talk to him! Just try and approach it sensitively though.
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