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Pride Flags Torn Down And Vandalized Outside Stonewall Monument
Pride Flags Torn Down And Vandalized Outside Stonewall Monument

Molly Bohannon - 06/12/23

Dozens of flags celebrating the LGBTQ community at New York City’s Stonewall National Monument—the historic site of a 1969 uprising often considered a turning point for gay rights—were snapped and thrown on the ground over the weekend, an incident under investigation by a police hate crimes unit, following a years-long uptick in reported anti-LGBTQ crimes.

The pride flags were decorating a fence at the Stonewall National Monument in Christopher Park across from the Stonewall Inn, and NBC New York reported about 60 had been ripped down and snapped around 3 a.m. on Saturday.

The New York Police Department told Forbes its Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident—police are also asking for help identifying a group of people caught on camera in connection with the vandalism, releasing a video that showed three individuals walking down the street, one of whom had a blurred face.

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We do seem to be going backwards in some places Sad. "Years long uptick in reported LGBTQ crimes" is concerning. Although there is still a lot of love and tolerance in the world I can't help but wonder if the tide is beginning to turn back. I hope not.

WhAt AbOuT sTrAiGhT pRiDe MaN?

I feel the same way. It feels like there are a lot of backwards steps being taken right now.
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(06-13-2023, 11:46 AM)Cridders88 Wrote: WhAt AbOuT sTrAiGhT pRiDe MaN?

That nonsense is similar to the people who say "White lives matter too!"

I saw a fantastic quote in a YouTube comment: "When you live in privilege, other people having equality feels like oppression."

Essentially, fragile, privileged people whining because they are unhappy about realising that they have to share the world with others. And why? All because those others (like us) are simply trying to take our place in the world.
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One of our local churches had their flag stolen this weekend. We got together and ordered them six more to be delivered this week.

Asshats be damned. Angry
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A city near Detroit (can't recall the name of the city) banned pride flags on public property (not sure how that's not blatantly unconstitutional)...basically claiming "we" are already represented and don't need to have a flag was basically the logic... It's just blatant hate and the classic view of they don't want to see it because it makes them uncomfortable.

People just get the wrong idea about everything. We say marriage equality and then someone goes on and on about sexual desires or some misdirection. This crazy shit over drag queens? There is such an huge disconnect. This IS WHY VISIBILITY IS IMPORTANT. It's not about pride flags, it's bringing understanding and enlighten people. I just don't think very many replublicans for example ever watched an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, watched a drag show (or brunch) or attended Drag Story Hour at a library and expect to understand that drag is an art and that drag is not harmful. This fear being manufactured, "what about the children" is just that... I don't see how a person in makeup reading children's stories at a public library is harmful. Literally every actor wears make up, sometimes a little (like Marcia Marcia Marcia) or a lot say Trixie Mattel or Michael Dorn who played Warf on Star Trek TNG. I mean call it what you want but an actor in a Star Fleet uniform with 18 lbs of makeup on their face sounds like drag to me.

I just feel like the issues just keep getting confused and on and on... Why is asking to live my life and not be fucked with too much to ask for? I shouldn't feel like this, we shouldn't feel like this.
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