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Understanding the Evolving Nature of Sexuality
Understanding the Evolving Nature of Sexuality

Posted June 12, 2023 |  Reviewed by Jessica Schrader

Pride month is here. Pride parades, which are celebrated in most of parts of the world, give people in the LGBTQ+ community an opportunity to be seen and heard. They help sexual minority groups, which have historically been repressed, advocate for their rights.

However, at no other time in history has the “grouping” of sexual minorities been less understood by the general public. While some folks still put themselves into specific categories like straight or gay, more and more people feel less inclined to do so, opting instead to classify themselves as “fluid” across one or more sexual domains. So, what exactly does sexual fluidity mean and how does it fit into someone’s sexual identity?

It is interesting how easily most people accept the idea of personal evolution in terms of their personality and general preferences. Perhaps you look back in horror at old beliefs you used to hold or the kinds of clothes you used to wear 10 years ago versus today. You’re the same person, but you’ve evolved. Think of the way you behave around your in-laws versus your college friends. Again, you’re the same person, but there is fluidity in how you express your personality in each context. When it comes to sexuality, however, the concept of fluidity can be a challenging concept to grasp.

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