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The History of the Pride Flag
The History of the Pride Flag

With its bright colours and significant meaning, the Rainbow Flag is a symbol recognised all over the world to represent the LGBTQ+ communities. It’s a symbol of hope, unity and empowerment to allow love to be love regardless of gender, ethnicity or labels. But where did this renowned flag come from? And how was the design chosen?

The original Pride Flag originates from San Francisco Activist Gilbert Baker, who desired to create an emblem of pride for the gay community. In 1978 the Rainbow Flag was created, as Baker recognised that a flag is one of the most significant aspects of identity, and wanted his creation to be a unified symbol of gratification for all those who identify within these communities.

In England, homosexuality was decriminalised in 1967, with Scotland following in 1980, and Northern Ireland by 1982. Before this time, it was illegal to engage in ‘private homosexual acts’, and those caught or believed to be engaging in same-sex relationships could face imprisonment, public shame and a life-long criminal records. Society was homophobic, with those in same-sex relationships being stripped of their basic freedom to love the person they love and facing unfair discrimination and consequences if they were caught.

February is LGBTQ+ History Month. During this time, we remember the struggles faced by those in these communities, and the revolutionary fight for equality we’ve experienced over the last 5 decades. Simply keep reading to learn more about the flag that has played an important role in the fight for rights and the contributions made to arts, culture, politics, and more.

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