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Hi all
Hi all, well I'm not a cake, but I do like cake.

So I'm an old man, I'm 44, but I still feel 18, which is stupid.  
I live alone, which is my choice, well I have my little doggy, and I work to many hours, which again is my choice.

I've had a couple of serious boy friends, and a erm 'few' hookups... but you know what, I'm sick of all the drama that brings.

So here I am, a gay fat bloke, that everybody assumes is straight because I don't look gay..  yawn.. I lost a lot of friends when I split with my last partner, so when I'm home, I guess I get kinda lonely.

So why am I here, because its free!  Only joking... no, I guess its a place to be whoever I want to be, to share about me whatever I want, without the drama, and to hopefully meet some new friends along the way.

There, I hope you're still awake!

Welcome to the forum @Cake Smile. I too like cake. Probably a bit too much. Good to have you here. It's a lot quieter here than it was in the "good old days", but it is indeed a safe space to be yourself Smile.

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