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Today I watched a movie with a homosexual theme. After reading a book, watching a TV-series or a movie, I often feel a sense of emptiness in my heart, regardless of whether the ending is satisfactory. Especially with this kind of theme, I want to try sharing something with people around me, but I don't have suitable individuals to share with. In addition, in my country, there is no platform specifically designed for LGBTQ+ individuals to share their opinions. More LGBTQ+ people tend to connect through social networking apps, which I think is not a suitable place to share some feelings or opinions.

I'm glad to have found this forum. I think this is a good place for me to write down my thoughts and share my feelings.

Welcome to the forum @dsjzhuiairj. Share away Smile. It is a safe space, albeit a quiet one compared to how it used to be. It is a safe space.

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