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Jazzy Breakbeats - Tina Cousins - "The Fool is Me"
Tina Cousins of 90's dance music fame, often a featured vocals on tracks by artists like Sash! - "Mysterious Times" and "Just Around the Hill".

Recently found this gorgeous album track from Tina's first album "Killing Time".
It is a gorgeous blend of chunky breakbeats; smooth jazzy vibes; beautifully sung vocals.
It is summery, fresh, and mellow.

Even the lyrics are intriguing.

"You may have looked like an angel enough for me, but the devil gave you your words." - I love that line.

And, "You're a mellownoma and you burn"- What is a mellownoma? Is it taking creative license with the word "melanoma"?
"Mellow" being a nice thing (like a new relationship), but underneath it is dangerous (like a melanoma)?


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