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Australia to halt foreign gay adoption
The Australian government has announced new legislation which would block gay and lesbian couples from adopting foreign children.

The bill, prohibiting recognition of foreign adoptions, will be introduced in the next session Parliament, which begins next week.

Queensland Democrat senator Guy Bartlett has slammed the legislation, warning it as an example of the government's "wedge politics", intentionally divisive prior to this year’s election.

"It won't even prevent an adoption; it will just leave children who have been adopted with reduced legal and social recognition and protection, and a less stable family environment," Senator Bartlett wrote on website.

"As soon as the family walks through Australian customs, the child will cease to have two legal parents and one of the parents will cease to have any legal rights or responsibilities for their child."

Gay groups have also expressed dismay wth Australian Coalition for Equality spokesperson Rodney Croome saying the bill "threatens to legally sunder existing families."

While many Australian states have legalised rights for gay couples, the federal government firmly defines marriage between a man and a woman. Prime Minister John Howard has confirmed opposition to gay marriage despite an ongoing Human Rights and Equal Opportunity's investigation into the inequalities faced by same-sex couples.
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

Yes... Our prime minister won the last election by telling the country that if gay partnerships were given legal recognition then the state would crumble, families would dissolve and the economy would go into free fall. he called a special session of parliament in the summer break to make it illegal forever. and he won the election because of it. he's doing it again. this is the most homophobic country after the usa. and that's why it's odd a site like Gayspeak should surface in the UK where you now have it all. Here where gays are opressed at every turn, there is no forum like this. there's apathy... no one gives a stuff... which is why we are still third class citizens. I wonder if, now you guys have it so good, there will be much to moan about on Gayspeak... no trials to share... I'm jealous, but we won't be returning to Europe because it's too overcrowded and too cold. We might have to get out of our present place though, as the entire south eastern half of Australia has run out of water -- literally! it's very scary.

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