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Steven [Blackpool Holiday]
Wooo have been to Blackpool for a few days break, which started on my birthday!! Btw I've got a photo with BASIL BRUSH somewhere! lol Smile Here's a couple of photos with me and Ryan!! xxxxx

[Image: 3975447426a11527862257l.jpg]
[Image: 3975447426a11527854091l.jpg]
[Image: 3975447426a11527854147l.jpg]
[Image: 3975447426a11527854206l.jpg]
[Image: 3975447426a11527854273l.jpg]
[Image: 3975447426a11527862306l.jpg]

Hello Steven,Xyxwave great pictures from Blackpool, boy you both look cute.

Shame I cant see the pics, wont load for some reason x

I can't get me head round how an Evertonian can take such good photos.

LOL!!! And you 2 are a gorgeous couple!!!

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