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What O/S are you using?
Vista.......kill me.

No need, Vista is doing it already, slowly.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Using wndows 7 and XP. Won't touch Vista because it is another version of windows ME, which was crap.

Windows 7.

I never really had any problems with Vista besides the User Account Control thing and a few driver errors. Really, what was the main bad in it?

I use Windows 7 but note that isn't listed

Andy Wrote:O/S = operating system (as in main software on your computer) Wink


Have you thought of adding Google Analytics to the site. Then you've know exactly what OS people are using?

And, in case anyone is interested, here are the OS and Browser trends for my blog over the last three years: Technology Trends - October 2010 update

The results were what I expected to see, as windows 7 comes on stream and replaces Vista. Some feel that windows 7 is the true successor to XP and Vista was rushed out too early, with the bugs not ironed out. Once the plug is pulled for XP support by microsoft, Vista will surely follow quickly.

Re. browsers, IE have had several secruity issues and more and more are moving away from IE. Some have gone to Firefox and to the new google Chrome, which appears to be faster then IE or Firefox. Time will tell if Mircosoft can reverse this trend.

I have vista on my laptop. I've never had a problem.....but my Family computer is also vista, and that one is ALWAYS breaking down.....wonder why?:confused:

My laptops running a newer version perhaps?
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

I have never used Vista before, and was by a friend that has this O/S. Would, you believe I spent the better half of an hour trying to figure out, where is the command run prompt! I could not find it! Silly me.

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