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Should we boycot Snickers bars?
These ads were recently withdrawn after complaints from various gay civil rights groups in the US.

They feature two comically stupid guys in a workshop. As one eats a Snickers bar, the other starts eating the other end, as in the ‘spaghetti scene’ in Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’.

They inadvertently wind up kissing, albeit very briefly. Horrified at this seemingly horrific turn of events, the two attempt to erase the incident by ‘doing something manly’. They chose to rip hair from their chests to re-establish their masculinity.

This is the main ad...

and this is one of the alternate endings they made...

Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

I actually liked those adverts and i believe that if we were to start boycotting everything that might affect gay peopl the what about the adverts that effect everyone else...whether it be straight, black or transexual....what ever the Ad in my mind if we were to cut out all the funny parts life would then become dull and boring... so why not live and enjoy it... and maybe once in a while learn to take the mic out of ourselves...?:eek:
but hey thats only my opinion... what does everyone else think...?Xyxwave

to be honest, i'm not at all bothered..hehe.. so no to the question...

I found them funny and so demeaning to str8 people and their stupid biggotry

i agree... it's more of a slap to the heterosexual males rather than to gays.

So, are the actors in the commercial gay for pay?

i think the actors are just stupid heterosexual men

thats is so funny and wish it was shown.

we have another gayish ad in the UK at the min too,ok not quite but along the same lines

I need 20 posts so no link sorry but its on youtube,type in "maltesers ad"

honestly it doesnt bother me at all most of the time the snickers commercials are funnyConfusedmile:

Ner.. Gay rights groups constantly get all het up about nothing, it irritates me so much! It's just another way for them to make a big deal out of nothing, kinda like peta. x

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