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Gay Bashing At Rehoboth, Should i Protest?
hi, im new to this forum. first off under stand that i am bisexual, i enjoy the company of both men and women. I am semi active in the gay community as i attend gay bars and cd often. Something happened to me for the first time today, in a place i never thought it would happen, I am offended as im sure of you will be. once you hear my story please help me consider if i should protest and or make a ruckis of this injustice that i have been given today.

This takes place at a Place called SUPERKIND on Rehoboth ave 157 going down near the beach on the left side. DE sunday june 20 at 12:45 about.

So basically, i was on rehoboth ave (de) and i haphazardly walked in to this hippie/head store on the strip, upon doing so i saw a posting for a job so i inquired with in. In a nut shell the owner took a look at me and said that they were set for the year and only needed a henna artist. i said okay and only asked a few questions about what he was looking for in a henna artist. he basically didn't know what he wanted. i had sat down in one part of the store as my gf was in the rest room.. at this point the owner started to complaing to his female work and said some things but the thing he said with more voice was " that fucking f@gg0t is a f@cking moron asking for a job with shades on" at witch point blind rage set it to a point. now im not open about my bisexuality but i do dress to impress and pretty to say the most. i was wearing shades, a shirt, and cakies, big deal at a head shop. i also had a multi colored pop top necklace that i made. So at this point i went over to him and siad "im sorry, was there something you wanted to tell me? he ran away at this point, i said whats so bad about a faggish moron such as my self wearing shades and asking for a job in a head shop? he then yelled get out.. i replied, no really pleas tell me, im eager to learn. he then said i will just have to learn the hard way and that he would call the cops if i didn't leave. so i did and went and found a cop to see what my leagal rights were. he said basically since he didn't say it to my face there was nothing that could be done.

I was thinking of protesting out side this guys store on busy hours and let people know about his rudeness upon his gay bashing ness. (i know really good words there) im very upset by this and i don't know if this would do more harm than good. what should i do?

or at least what are your thoughts on this?

In the UK gay "bashing" is taken to have a more literal meaning, but I see why you are annoyed. I don't know what the law is in your part of the world, but it clearly was not robust enough for your policeman to feel that an offence had been committed.

As far as protesting outside the store goes, how much time do you have? What do you think you'll achieve? I applaude your decision to take some action, but sometimes it's best to give some thought to the amount of good it will do. Rather than embarrassing the shop owner immediately why not just write him a well-worded letter letting him know exactly what you thought was unacceptable about his behaviour, how you thought it related to decent behaviour and your laws on inclusivity (if you have anything like that) and giving him a chance to think it over. You never know, it could do the trick. In my day heads and hippies were supposed to espouse tolerance and stuff like that! If you get no response you could always save your protest for action further down the line. I prefer to start simply and ramp up the action as needed. I don't see much value in backing the guy into a corner without giving him the chance to mend his ways in a less public fashion. Embarrassing him could be counter-productive in that it will risk make him dig his heels in.

I agree with marshlander...also I would check the laws on employment discrimination in your state. In California it is illegal to disciminate in housing and employment if you are GLBT...legal action would be the most beneficial action I think. Also...as Lily Tomlin saysBiglaugh...if you find there is not an anti discrimination law in effect...somebody should do something and you can channel your anger into trying to get such a law enacted. Change begins with one voice.

than kyou marshlander and eastofeden i will take some time to think the options over.. i've calmed down a bit and talked to a friend of mine of witch suggest that i just try to let it go. I know for a fact i would hurt him fiscialy, i want his biz to hurt like he hurt me. i also would like to spread awareness about his intolerance to gays and lesbians. because if it were not for the community down here he would not be in biz. the cop did say he would talke to him. but i saw him walk away. go fig...as for emplyment laws he never said i wont hire you because your this jor that. he said those things when he thought i was out of his shop. the cop said there is not much you can do. but was very nice about everything even the protesting. im gonna see on monday if there is anything special i need to do to protest... I know if i just spent two days of my life just having a sign set up something around the lines of "buy from super-kind support hate and ignorance" Surrounded by words to install association with the store.

but as you said this may be in option down the line...thanks for your help and im still open for suggestions and such.

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