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Are you looking for love?
I Am Looking For Him or at least trying to make 1 come to his senses lol nah im just good friends with the guy i likeBighug

lol moo bless ya

you know, i want to beleive that my past relationships have turned me off of relationshisp for a while but thats not true, im always looking for my next snuggle buddy, and i get lonely easily

Not actively, no. I wouldn't mind seeing what it's like though. To be honest, I can't say I even know how to go about "looking" for it. I'm slow enough to make just-friends as it is.

Like others, I have yet to be in a relationship and currently I am not actively seeking one either. However, if the right person entered my life I may let the emotion of 'love' overcome me.

I am totally looking for love, I have always wanted to share my feelings with a man that would make me happy~ I love making other people happy but seldomly get someone making me happy, I guess my perfect man would be someone who can just make me smile and be there for me when I need it, I'd do the same for him

I found my man right here on this sight. If you talk to people are honest and fairly nice you may find a man here as well

if im honest then id say yes..im looking for love., but im also looking for my car keys and i dont think eithers gonna turn up anytime soon Smile

Well Ive noticed there are a few people dating, So I think this is a good poll to have about...

yes im looking for love:redface:

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