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Masturbation a sin?
TommyRay Wrote:I'm Catholic and i'm just wondering, is masturbation a sin?

I've been reading things and they say masturbation itself isn't a sin but the thoughts that go with it is. Anyone?

That's a tricky one, Tommy. So what do these books you're reading suggest you think of while masturbating?
a. Nothing? That is impossible.
b. Jesus?
Can I ask you a question? Why is the Catholic church so preoccupied with sex. They seem to think about nothing else and why are their thoughts so concerned with stopping us enjoying sex?
Perhaps if the priests and nuns who have abused young children so much had masturbated a bit more, they would have been able to keep their hands off the children. Any thoughts on that?

It does seem to me that religions that base themselves on the bible seem to cherry pick the 'rules' set out in the bible to suit themselves, and therefore their moral stance on things.

I think that if there is a god, he/she would be far more concerned about other things - after all if it is a sin then 99% of the worlds male population will have committed this sin at some point in their life....

In the Orthodox Church it is not a sin. Join us, the Orthodox Christians if you would not like to sin. :] Tongue

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