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What's on your bucket list?
1- visit another country
2-get my first boyfriend
3-learn to play a viola
4-become a famous comic book artist, even if its local fame----

3. Buy a sitar
4. Learn to play sitar
5. Visit Blue mountains (Australia) (I love nature)

1.visit the UK (for fun) with someone
2. Visit the castle that belongs to the O'Boyle Clan ( for Adoptive History) with someone
3. visit down under (animal watching) with someone
4. Go to Africa (animal watching) with someone
5. Visit the great wall Of China and China (History) with someone
6. Go to Rome, and Greece (major history) with someone
7. Paris ( fashion and art) with someone
8. Vienna (music history) with someone
9. Japan (history) with someone
10. Russia (history) with someone
11. Poland ( Family history natural fathers side) with someone

last but not least (Can you guess) have a boyfriend to enjoy life with

1. Visit Florence and see Michelangelo's "David"

2. Play the guitar like John Williams.

3. See Mount Rushmore in person.

fenris Wrote:Feel free to tell me when you come to Germany.... you are invited to stay at my home for the time of your visit in Germany
I just saw your post! :eek:
Thanks, fenris! Confusedmile:

TimmyThink Wrote:1. I won’t have lived till at least once in my life I attend the San-Diego ComicCon
2. Punch Fred Phelps in the face.
3. Some other Stuff

An we need to achieve these goals in two years because there’s a good chance the Sun is going to blow up or something if that Mayan calendar thingy is right.

Quoting myself to say.....

OMG!!!! My Time Is Almost up!!!! I Need to book a flight to San-Diego :eek:
I should also google Fred Phelps I honestly don't know if that old sonbitch is still alive.

I am proud to report that my goal of doing “some other stuff” was archived but was quickly replaced by new stuff because I’m and over achiever. Tongue3

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