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Hi there..
Hello, Don, and welcome. Why would a musician in the USA have to stay in closet unless he's in the military, or something?

Hi! Welcome, I'm new and feel kind of nervous too lol. A Vegeta avatar and you like music? We'll get along great! I like dancing and singing but I don't know if I'm good at it. I've never thought about getting serious about singing or dancing and I'm too shy to audition for my school's music club (let alone perform in front of a crowd). I DO have a guitar that I wanna learn how to play though!

Big Grin Well i have MSN If anyone wants it and yes i love DBZ

SilentMusician Wrote:Im sure you can guess what career field im in. but i cant be open to the Real life public about my curiosity without losing my career Sad

I'm guessing with that kinda response you're maybe an upcoming MC or turntablist ... love that but it's not well-known for being gay friendly.

if I'm guessing wrong then I'm very intrigued Wink

[SIZE=1](No over 9000 jokes, no over 9000 jokes, no over 9000 jokes......)
[SIZE=2]You'll fit right in i'm sure!
9001% sure!(If thats even possible):tongue:

Enjoy your time here!Confusedmile:[/SIZE]
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

what genre of music do you create?
and yarr, DBZ rules!!

welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forum. I'm new too and recently out to my sister.

Hello, I now became a member of this community here and I would love to be a part of it. Just enjoy the environment here.

i create all kinds of music

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