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Runescape :3
anyone play it? Big Grin i quit playing when i was 14 but started back like 3 weeks ago

I remember trying it a few years ago, back then I think it was 2D, I'm watching some screenshots of it now and I don't know if it's the same thing I played back then. >_>

The only MMO that I really got into was Phantasy Star Online and Habbo Hotel (Well, it's really only a glorified chat room but still).

yEA its much different then it was a long time ago. i still like it though

well it aint quite the same but I'm an ex World of Warcrack addict...

couldn't get enough of my elemental shammy Smile think I bottomed out around lvl.60 when the expansions kicked in...

Once upon a time I did. . . try it. I was into World of warcraft and Final Fantasy XI. sadly I haven't been able to play any games as of late, MMO games.

I dont play it anymore, but did back in the day, and was quite good if I do say so myself Big Grin I go back on it once a year to see updates. that is all.

Played it like 5 years ago for like.....6 months.
Then got bored.Rolleyes
I REALLY wasn't too fond of it to be honest. But it was my first taste of online gaming, THATS what i was fascinated with.:redface:

The same with World of Warcraft a few years back. But I actually found THAT fun. Till i decided it just wasn't worth the money.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

I've played it on and off for like 6 years
get bored of it every so often but I love how much they update it
my user name on it is manic glow
haven't been playing much lately but maybe if I had someone to talk to on it..

I play it sometimes but I never got in to it as much as some of my other games. Now days I play Runes of Magic when I am not doing a beta test. Speaking of which Battle Star Galactica starts open beta this coming week! Woot Woot!:biggrin:

Ive play it once but got tired of it very quickly dont know why but i did

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