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Greetings from SF

Hello everyone,

I'm Austin and I'm 27 and live in SF. I recently moved up here after a year long relationship. I've been single for almost two years now and I'd really like make some friends in the area, or online, to talk about feelings.

I think we are all faced with a lot of difficulties in life.. and i really feel like i'm learning a lot of really difficult lessons. The worst part of life for me is the isolation i deal with, esp moving to a new area recently. I have hard times being open to new people.

My relationship was with an older man, he become physically abuse and kinda trampled all my dreams i had. its been almost two years since we were together, but i haven't really met anyone that i've fallen for.. and i feel like i'm kind of afraid to open up again.

MY likes: going out in nature, wine tasting, bike rides, coffee, board games, rollercoasters, lyrics about love, chatting. I'm excited to join this forum!



Hi and Welcome :-)

Yep, we all have our ups and downs. I'm personally struggling a bit to accept who I am today due to my mistakes in the past. But I'm learning.

Gayspeak helps me a lot by allowing me to yak off my problems. This forum has so many wonderful and helpful folks that willing to support and assist you.

To be perfectly honest Austin, your story reminds me to my friend's friend. His friend was physically abused by his partner as well. The ending of his story was heartbreaking though. I'm happy to know that you won the battle.

You will eventually find someone in your life once again. For now, just relax and enjoy your life. Ride more roller coasters and puke some more!

Welcome to Gayspeak!

Hello and welcome! :} Count me in as a friend!

Hi Austin and welcone to GS.

Life is full of downs and ups, it just becomes a bit of a bummer when there are too many downers. Enjoy your stay here.

hey, wlecome to the forums Big Grin

Welcome! I visited SF a couple years ago (family trip) and loved it..... what a nice city.

Hello and welcome Smile I hope you find what you are looking for here and that you find a way to deal with the difficult time you've been through. I'm sure the physical abuse was awful, but it sounds like it's the emotional abuse that has left the lasting scars?

I'm also sorry to read that you are lonely. Are there any opportunities for making friendships through some of your interests? I was walking through London a few weeks ago and was amazed to see a mass of cyclists at the traffic lights in Parliament Square. They looked pretty sociable Wink One of our members, although I'm afraid we haven't seen him for a while, used to live in SF and is a mad keen cyclist too. Although he lives in the east now he might have some ideas if you are looking for any.

Hey Austin, I'm a newcomer to these boards too, so let me give you a fresher, newer kind of "welcome"


Now see, wasn't that special?

Anywhooo, feel free to stop and say hi anytime,


[SIZE=2]Hope this site helps you to feel a little better.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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