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So there's this guy...Part 2
This is a continuation of my other earlier thread. Some stuff has happened between then and now that are worth noting. So this guy, let's call him J, has been recently coming onto me a bit. Like we were at the movies and he did this thing where he kinda wrapped his pinky around mine (I swear I felt this jolt of electricity never felt before) and then he leaned his head over on me and kinda started moving it on my shoulder. Also, when we meet at like family functions and stuff, he has started hugging me to greet me and stuff. And this is probably the biggest thing: We'd be together in private just talking and all of a sudden he'd lay down on my lap or I'd lay on his if I want to and he'd kinda start caressing my head. This is all wonderful and everything BUT (and oh what a big but...) he has a girlfriend which makes it bizarre. And while I really like whhat he does, I don't want to be competing with his girlfriend. I might end up being labeled a home-wrecker. So...yeh. What do I do?

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I'm confused.:confused:
He sounds....pretty gay to me.
So maybe he's Bi.

In my opinion you can either:
A) Ask him why he's doing these things(in a polite way)
B) Back off, because things could get nasty.

But meh, i have little expirence in these things. So thats just my opinion.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Can not agree more with Genersis.

Just ask him what is he doing?

And if he is just joking around with you then back off. Because things could get nasty.

Quote:And if he is just joking around with you then back off.

This is what I'm actually most afraid of... :-( I think I'll do something completely out of character and just ask. How bad could it be?

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This sounds so, so close to my early situation with my friend that it's almost scary lol.

I'd say ask him why he's doing it, you don't wanna get too into him and then after all this time he's just been toying with you. I hope all goes well!

Maybe you should enjoy his actions and respond fully to them without doing anything for now. See what happens. If he doesn't do anything to show you he really likes you (I mean like, straightly), then...maybe talk to him about it? You know, start off casually and say you've been enjoying those things and stuff. See what happens. And if that doesn't work and he doesn't back off, keep enjoying whatever happens next... :]

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