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Streched Ears
What are you opinions on streched ears?
hot or not?

im not talking about something huge

i like these sizes

dam still cant post links Cry


It all depends on the person methinks.

I'd vote unsure but there is no such option.
I find that most of the time whenever I see a stretched ear lobe it makes me cringe. I personally don't like them when I see them generally, but then the ones I see are a case of the person having gone too far so you can see right through them. If it is only a LITTLE stretched then maybe I could tolerate or even like it. I don't know 'til I see.

Maybe Snow can add that option?

[Image: jedi_tail_and_ear_gauge_by_NETH7.jpg]http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h78/wi..._NETH7.jpg

me and stretched ears....and my man would calling the hunter....
but on other people it maybe looks fine..

Thanks PA! I didn't know what they were...I vote indifference but it is not an option....the only thing that enters my mind when I see those is to wonder how painful it is/was to get them inserted?

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