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Getting it????
Here is a song that every man (or woman) should be able to sing at some point...
I found out about this group through my mother and her hilarious forwarding of their you tube on cheap flights.... (will follow this post)

Enjoy, boys!

So here's the hilarious follow up about Ryan Air....


One question? what the fecking the feck does feck mean?

One guess only Timmy - - - - LOL :biggrin:

LOL...Those are great!:biggrin:

So here's something else, for those of you who can understand French... this is supposed to be comical. It's about what makes a man a "faggot"... transposed into British culture what do you think these criteria would be???
10 minutes à perdre - vraiment PD ! - wat.tv
It starts with "crying in front of the telly while drinking tea..."
then "being a Libération reader and doing the crosswords"

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