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Is he subtly hinting or is he just comfortable with himself?
He could have a feeling that you are gay. And he may be curious himself. Lots of possibilities. See if you can find out in a subtle fashion!

Quote:Originally Posted by Ryhunt86 [Image: viewpost.gif]
Isn't Scotland known for its sheep? Laugh

Quote:No, that's Wales you are thinking of.

Don't forget Australia and New Zealand have a lot of sheep as well.

Regarding your question, is he just acting gay for the fun of it. Does he act like it when he is around females, is the remarks made privately or in public. Is the stories of experiences with girls from him or from the girls, can you confirm if they are true. You need to ask yourself if I confess and he isn't, what damage could he do to me. There are risks involved, you could lose friends and maybe a job, if you work together. But you could also find a new relationship, way up all the pros and cons before making a move. Good luck with it m8, hope you make the right call.

Aw thanks for all the tips guys. Turns out things have taken a sudden drastic change and I'm moving at the end of next week =S. So I'm not gonna see him much after then. I'd be all for giving it a go on the last week but he's very good friends with at least 3 members of my family, and if I made a move on him and was wrong I'm near certain he would end up telling them. So I'm just gonna slip away quietly lol. It's always nice to dream tho...

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