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Please Come Visit My Blog
Every Gay Man Has Their Story...
Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever felt lost or confused? Your always asking questions that you can never find the answer for? I am one of those people. I am gay, and I really do feel clueless and lost, but not in a negative way. I am an "out of the closet" gay, choosing to tell only my closest friends and family members. I have come to the acceptance that I am gay, and I cannot really change that. However, I am lost in the fact in the sense of being gay. I have never had an interaction with another gay man. I have questions about being gay, and see if there are rules, different customs, and hidden messages that only gay people know about, if this even exists. I really have no idea about being gay. I know is I like men, but what do I do from there?

I wanted to create a blog where I can help myself in my path of life, but also help others along the way in a safe environment where everyone can have their questions answered. Everyone has a different background, a different perception, and story to share about their experiences. Why not through one's knowledge, help another fellow human beings with their future endeavors.

So now, I am "standing behind the lines." Taking a step back and observing the whole picture, to see the endless answers that I and others have been questioning.

Please respond so I can give you my blog page address

Hi and welcome! I noticed you logged in and out of the chatroom abruptly. Don't sweat it... I've been gay since I was 14 and didn't come to terms with it until 23/24. I never had any interactions with another gay man (the closest I came was a long distance relationship and I was with him longer than any of the girlfriends I had)... oh and did I mention girlfriends? Yes, I did... during a point in my life I was convinced that I was straight. However, I did not go far with any of these girls (like hugging, kissing, sex, etc.)... it just didn't work out. I am 100% sure that I'm gay.

Hi George and welcome to GS.

Take a look around this forum and read the many threads here. You may find some which will help you on your quest. Good luck on your search of self enlightenment.

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