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The Incredible Hulk Live Action TV Series
Cutieboy Wrote:Hate to break it to ya, I'm not truly gay then. I'm actually extremely turned off by muscular/body-builder men. It's definitely not my bag at all. I was browsing some guys on one site and I saw this one dude just showing off his body in many of his photos... it was pretty damn arrogant and it was a total turn-off. I'm sorry, I'll go with thin, average and then maybe slightly or very chubby guys.

To each his own Muscles are a must for me the bigger the chest the more turned on I am! The thin chubby types are a big turn of for me,only body type that would pass inspection with me would be the dough body its an average body type that is big but still defined.

Ah yeah, an average body that's toned, big and defined. That's cool in my book too since my ex-partner was kinda like that. Though he made me much happier when he got more flabby. Smile

My Man has to have a Hulking Chest Big and Defined with big round nipples that stick out like a house on a hill.

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