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Cologne and Perfume
Armani will always be my favorite.
I also like some of Calvin Klein.
I love D & G Blue.
Armani will always remain at the top.

im problys getting soome aftersave for christmas it is a blue sexy man one

I like cologne... not too much. Just one or two sprays. I like Acqua di Gio, Tierre Hermes, Light Blue (Dolce Gabbana) .. i'm probably spelling all of these wrong.

I sometimes wear colognes, too bad it's so fucking expensive here in Iceland. One little bottle goes for around 52usd. A little bit bigger bottles go for around 103usd. I don't have any at the moment because I can't afford to buy it, but my favourites are "Diesel; Only for the brave" and "Boss; Selection"
[Image: o.1879.jpg]
[Image: diesel%20only%20the%20brave.jpg]
[Image: diesel_only_the_brave_bottle2_2.jpg]

I'm using Paco Robanne - 1 million in these days

Drakkar Noir

mine's blackwater...i don't know who else uses it but it does smell real nice...

I don't wear cologne much, but I have to say, when a guy is wearing a nice cologne, it is a strong attraction. Makes me want to jump on him. Perfumes use a higher percentage of essential oils in the alcohol, which is why they last longer and are stronger. But perfumes also tend to have a lot of flower notes and not as many "wood" notes, so they're usually too feminine for men. I know a couple years ago there was a group of gay men who basically decided it was uncool to wear cologne. But I have to admit, it does add appeal to any guy IMO.

joope = kust love the smell Smile

i have a crapton of colonges and whatnot that were given to me as gifts. theres about 17 of them. AND I HATE THEM ALL. i hate all cologne, it just doesnt work for me. to me- it makes it seem like your hiding something (bad BO, or the smell of another guy you just had sex with behind my back).

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