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I'm new here C:
Ahlo everyone! I'm new to this site and I really like everything about it. The features are great and very easy to use! Work it!

Let get to me,

My name is Ratanak, I am Cambodian (Southeast Asian). Currently living in Southern California and not really liking it much. I want to go back to live in the Bay Area again, this place is so damn hot. D: I'm really excited to be here.



Hello JuJubee and Welcome to GaySpeak.... Can you tell us your age? I'm wondering what you are doing in California? Studying??? If so, what? Glad you like the site...

Hi and Welcome :-)

I hope to read you many times again ... Confusedmile:

Prince, I am currently 17 years old, will be 18 soon. I'm not sure if this is allowed? I'm currently a senior in high school and not so satisfy with my life, I want to study more and become a successful gay person.

Fenris, your name reminded of a girl I know.

Yes Jujubee, it's allowed, I'm sure... You will be 18 soon. Well good luck with finding a happier life and becoming a successful gay man... Confusedmile:

Great! :] Thank you and the word man sound so manly to me. Hahaha

Well isn't that what you are growing up to be??? Wink

Not really, I want to be have sex change. Because I always feel I am a girl inside since I was born.

Hey there!

good to have ya, the more the merrier Smile

I see Jujubee... maybe it's in the cards for you to have a sex change then.... good luck with it when it happens...

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