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Hypnotic Gingerbread sex dolls
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,


so we just had a Russian hypnotherapist who claimed to be able to put people into a state of hypnosis and create for them an imaginary sexual partner, perfect in every detail. One of the most bizarre advertisements I've ever read, thankfully now deleted.

In soviet Russia, hypnotherapist f*cks you.


Nowt so queer as folk.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Hypnotherapist more like Hypno-rapist
An interesting concept though, I’m thinking of something aboard the Battlestar Galactica maybe create myself a viper pilot.

I heard about that before. I don't think it 's a joke. My brother who lived in Russia for 9 years told me about that also. He told me about there were some criminal cases that the victims were willing to be seduced by strangers after being hypnotized.

I think that I don´t want that is someone fumbling on my mind... it hard enough for myself to keep it proper....
Someone strange maybe do it wrong an I found what I like to eat in the drawer for change my underwear. Or I want to spit on the street and and I´m wetting my trousers.... no... thanks

It happens in other parts of the world as well

reading this gave me a flashback to the movie Hostel ...yuk!

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