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I was 22yo
I came out to my parents when I was 22 years old. I just had gotten out of the US Army after having served 3 years in and I got an honrable discharge. I was dating a female and we were quite active sexually, yet something inside me knew that this wasn't right and that I was confused about thinking that I was perhaps straight when in fact in my head I knew that I was gay. We broke up with her and started to date this guy that worked at a radio station, one day he sent me flowers at work. Thats when people started asking who she was and what her name was.

Thats when I just said hell with it and I told everyone where I worked that it was from my boyfriend and that I was gay. I also told my parents and my brothers and sisters that were all older than me. My father wanted to do more father son things with me after I came out and they both have been very supportive and it was just a few years back that I ended up coming out to all my relatives and they were cool as well. I guess I had it lucky because I came out to people that were very understanding where others are not so lucky.

S'always good when people are accepting Smile

Hi and Welcome :-)

I read your story and it seems its nice to have you here Confusedmile:

Glad to hear you've had a good experience of coming out Smile

Hi there and welcome to GS. I came out around your age as well. I know where you are coming from. Your experience of coming out was much better than mine. Well the first time I came out (it was to my best friend who became my boyfriend that day), it was pretty awesome. Then when I came out to my mom, it wasn't that great. I'm glad you had a good experience coming out.

Hello and Welcome to GaySpeak Jason... Your experience will add onto all the accumulated experience of those who are already ardent posters and readers of these threads... Glad to have you with us.

Fascinating story, thanks for sharing that.

I curious about one thing, while you were in the Army you must have been surrounded by fit young men, at that point, how much of an inkling did you get that you might be gay?

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

I was going to ask the same question with fred too. I was very curious about how gay guy live in the army. Can you share a piece of your experience?

Happy to hear that you have such a nice family. Smile

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