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Crazy birthday present?
Hey there guys and girls x

Soooo... it's my hubby's birthday coming up soon, the big bear will soon be 31, shock horror...

I was trying to think of a really awesome present or idea, as he worked pretty hard for mine, but I think I may have gone too far; here's the deal -

he LOVES swimming but hasn't been since he's a kid, and really wants to but he's kinda shy about his body appearance even though he's fine. One time lately he was saying "if only we could have a pool to ourselves for a bit..." so I hit on the idea of hiring our local place for a few hours, it's only small.

It's gonna cost £90! for barely two hours... it could either be insane or the most romantic gesture I could possibly think of. Would be wonderful seeing him really happy and doing something he enjoys from ages ago Smile

now I'm thinking - £90 for 90 minutes private swimming, that's a little nuts... I'm unemployed right now and living off my savings from my last job.

should I settle for less? thoughts welcome x

the idea is nice ... but I think, its to expensive ....

Make it very private for him .... buy some candles... some aromatic oils ... make it very cozy and buy some nice foods ... salmon ... caviar ( the cheaper black .. don´t know the name ) make some bread .. and sparkling wine ...
and buy for yourself 2 fly´s .. one for your neck ... and one near your equator *whisper* you know where i mean :redface:..... and be his own service.....

thats enough... and not to expensive ... i think

was going to say if your rich buy a pool, but best save that for after you win the lottery.

I think it's a genious Idea and shows that your really care about him, although, seeing as you don't have much money atm perhaps you can leave it for his next birthday or even your aniversary when it comes?

I think it 's a great idea and it's worth the money! It shows that you care about him a lot even in a little hobby.
I and my best friend love swimming too. I was a competitor for awhile so I have no trouble with being in public swimming pool. But my best friend, he was so shy to be at the pool ( also he feel shy about his body also, even though I believe his body is great ). So I bought him a season swimming pass and we went swimming together almost every day last summer. It worked like a charm. Now, he is very confident and goes to swim by himself everyday ( since we are at different cities now). If you can not afford a private pool, I think you should buy him some swimming supplies and go swimming with him in public for few weeks to make him less shy?

Sil, I think it is a truly splendid idea! I am not a swimmer by any stretch of the imagination, but I love the sound of a swimming pool when no one else is there. would they turn the lights down and let you use candles by the poolside? I don't know how the staff would feel about you spreading a tablecloth with a bit of a picnic, but full marks for imagination Xyxthumbs

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