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horrible man
it was a horrible mman to day. him come in the cafy at i work and 2woman and them got some foood. but him said ,.i dont wont to eat food in this caffy it is discusting becase learningdisabilitiy caffy. i m sad it is not discusting in the cafey it is very nice. why is peple very horribel a bout pepple and disabled and things. like calling a badname and make fun of and not listin.im very furiose!

It was a stupid man, joseph .. best is don´t think on it again...... and don´t fret about it.
i think a café where you work in ..can only be a nice café.... forgot this guy, he is a poor, stupid guy, no need to think about.

guys like this really aren't worth worrying about, as cliche as it sounds...

the best way to react is just to take it in, pause a moment, rebuttal... emotions are bastards for getting in the way of a truly epic put-down.

im very mad reading your post joseph = he is a stupid ignorant person, i bet you serve many many people every day and they all are happy to come to your cafe - try to forget about this one silly person as he is a very rude person - its a shame but that there are people like him around, just try to forget him - everyone else is happy to come to the cafe and thats what counts Xyxthumbs

Get me a name an address Joseph, an I'll fly to the UK and break some kneecaps ( not Really )

if him come back i will say dont come back.it is a very nice caffy. him cant even eat it ever

Joseph, if he comes back, it can only be because he wants to spend his money there and buy your food. Be nice to him, so that he can see what a nice place it is. If he really doesn't like it he won't come back.

him can ony come if him not say it ever again i think.im was cross about it

Of course he was being stupid and unkind, but your café is somewhere for everyone to eat. I'm pretty sure it is against the law not to allow someone into the café where you work, just because he is stupid. Fred will put me right on that one though Wink

It's good that you were cross, but the trick is not to let him see that you are cross.

If he does come in again and say horrible things put him in a sack and carry him out to the dustbins with the other rubbish. SmileSmileSmile

i willl put him in the bin and say its is a very nice not discusting cafy

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