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Do you Smoke?
I used to smoke a lot of cigarillos, but I decided to quit smoking tobacco regularly. I'll have the occasional cigarette or cigar, usually after a few drinks. It's a terrible habit and terribly expensive, I applaud anyone who's kicked it or is trying to. I mostly just smoke weed now, that's all I need.

I will concede that, yes, Djarums are delicious. I loves me some cloves...

Mann, i'm unemployed and i'm still smoking... £6 for 25g of tobacco OMG!

I do.

Newport's mostly.
A little less than $8.00 for a pack!!!

Never had and I hate it when people smoke around me.

But I do want to try it at least once, just to see what it's like.

very rarely, i usuyally smoke only socially when friend are doing it and i wanna share, or im sharing a hooka with my mother (don't worried, flavored tobaco, lol) but rarely
i used to smoke more, like a pack a week, i've never let myself get really bad, and i've never seem to get the affect of the "withdraws" your suppose to suffer smoking them.

I'm a social smoker. I only do it if someone offers me a cigarette.

yes i am and i like it

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