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Hey everyone. My name is Forbes (yes, like the magazine), and I'm new to the board. I am from Canada, and I am currently in my second year of college - I am studying musical theatre performance, and am loving every second of it. I came out when I was 15, and all of my family and friends have been supportive of me. My has been really crazy lately, and that's mainly why I am signing up. To get advice, and discuss our problems, things like that.

I love tv! My favorite show ever is Charmed, I love it to death. I have so many more TV shows that I love, maybe I'll post a list sometime. I am also 19, I don't know if I said that. Excited for this thread! Smile

Well hello there and welcome Smile

Hi and Welcome :-)

I hope to read much more from and about you Confusedmile:

Hello Forbes My fellow Canadian

I love TV to this season I’m watching Bones, Big Bang Theory, House, Caprica and SGU I never got around to seeing Charmed.

Oh an musical theatre real original forbuss…(< I was kidding don’t hate me yet)

Hi and welcome to GS.

[Image: canada.gif]

English or French?

Enjoy your stay here m8. I'm not Canadian but a relation was and was at Dieppe in 1942.

Welcome to the forum Forbes! I love TV too, I have lots of TV shows that I watch but whenever I go to make a list my mind goes blank. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it here.

Hi Forbes! Glad to see you here and I hope you're on this forum as much as possible. It's great to see another neighbor from up north join this awesome forum.

Hey there, welcome to the forums Confusedmile:....cool name by the way

good to see another telly addict

Plenty of advice here for you to sink your teeth into.
Hope it helps and that you enjoy your time here!Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

welcome to the site dude Big Grin

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