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I keep hearing talk about suicide...
I can't delve into the situation (out of respect for them) but I have two friends who have "given up" on life according to them, a friend who's sister-in-law wants to commit suicide and another friend who just found out that most of his friends are cutting themselves and are a bit suicidal too.

They keep coming to me for advice and I'm trying to support them but I just don't know if I'm helping. There's only so much I can say, what if they really go through with it? I'd feel terrible. I knew today would go horrible as yesterday was so good, sigh.

I need a hug. Sad

Yeah it been a fairly shitty month or so, but in the saddest of the last months it seems people are finally taking some positive steps.

My opinion is that I have to do what I can .. to prevent suicides. Being there for someone, talking, go with them to a doctor, and so on..... but if someone not uses a helping hand, you can´t do anything.

Give them a big hug and tell them that "everything will be ok in the end, if it 's not ok then it 's not the end".

And here is your hug.

[Image: bighug.gif]

Be strong. Try not to lose yourself in all this anguish.


marshlander Wrote:Be strong. Try not to lose yourself in all this anguish.


I agree with marshlander .....
Try to let this things not into your near .... you are not responsible for the decisions of others. If you always have fears something can happen you are not able to help if someone really needs your help

I love that line conechvn. Thanks everyone!

You're right marshlander, I just need to keep strong. It's hard not thinking about it though. Ugh, I'm too empathetic. lol

Just be upfront with them and tell them how you feel, I have had friends that have been in the same situation and I have as well. Yeah you should always try and be all comfy comfy with them, yet sometimes I think ya just gotta be hardcore with them and tell them who they will be leaving if they act on it and how they will hurt you and other people. Hell describe to them what life would be like without them and how you support them no matter what. Its crazy but it has always worked for me, some have come to me years later and thanked me for being honest with them and not sugarcoating it like some do.

Ahh, I'm always pretty confused when it comes to suicidal friends. I just don't know what to do because sometimes the case is really bad and I always think that if one has decided that it's time to give up, then they should give up...But if I give them a push in that direction, it would be like killing them...:X

Suicide, for me, is always a beautiful and pleasing thought. It is the only place where I have control; where no one can tell me anything, persuade me to do anything, force me to live with society's inevitable conformity. In my suicidal thoughts, I can go anywhere, I can pick the place, the method, the last journey, which continent it will be on, or which body of water it will be in. I am King in my suicidal thoughts and planning.

The reason I contemplate suicide is because I am not a person that compromises well, if even, at all. I have to have things my way or NO way at all. I have to have the perfect job, or NONE, at all. The perfect boyfriend, or none at all, the best grades or none at all. I have a dirty and vile mouth. No one can tell me that I am wrong, because I am ALWAYS right. Because of this attitude, I am hated by many, I hate my Mother, she hates me, none of my family reaches out to me, for they would rather not see, or deal with this complex attitude, I own. I have a feeling that the world owes me so much, and gives me nothing. I dislike (truly dislike) people. I have an inferior complex that I hide with attitude, demands, and aloofness. I hate myself intensely, as I hate others. I prefer to be a bum than to be a McDonald's server. I want so much more for myself and it is not happening quick enough for me. I am jobless, I sleep all day, I do not go out, I have nothing and no one to live for. I do not feel love, so I entertain grandiose thoughts of escape.

Therefore, this is the reason I understand suicide, the need for it, and the willingness to do it. Life is empty and loveless sometimes, for so many. It is a circular agony of nothingness, emptiness, hatefulness, etc. However, when it comes to advising suicidal persons, I am quite the hypocrite. I say, stay, life is good, someone will miss you, you are worthy, you are great, people will miss you, all the polished lies, and expensive rhetoric. But, I mean none of it, secretly I am their cheerleader, and well-wisher.

I have a Grandmother that died a year ago, and I think always of her love, her soul, her worth. She, worked her whole life as a maid, for a hotel; she died poor, working, no home, no car; she lived her whole life toiling over life and rearing children and grandchildren. She died alone with no husband, no one to save her from life. Everyday, I go about "living", and I don't think of dead loved ones, when I eat ice cream , watch a film, read a book, study, they never enter my mind when I am living. Is not their life valuable? Of course it is, but we are humans, we could only care so much, or devote a certain amount of time to one thing, so our love is limited, or sometimes not at all. So, when I tell suicidal friends to go on living, I cringe inside. Who could love them unconditionally? All loves are based on conditions; I will marry you if you don't cheat... if, if, if, if!!!! And we cant remember forever, for our mind dies as well. Life, is shit sometimes, let's face it. So, if early check-out is your wish! Then please, bow out, beautifully! Just, don't ask me for advice, for I'd only convince you to continually to live on miserably.

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