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If you had told me a couple years ago that I would be joining a forum like this, I never would have believed it. But in the summer of last year, I met a guy through an online service. I was just looking for friends but while we were out he made a move on me. Long story short, we're now boyfriends and I am so much happier with my life than I ever would have been without him. I'm so glad he helped me come out of the closet and now I just love everything about life. I'm now earning a very good living, I'm more confident than ever, and I have received a lot of support from the many old-time friends I have come out to now. In short, I love being gay and am glad to have found this forum.

Yes! A fellow New Yorker! Welcome to GS.

Now these are the kinda people I like to see join. You're pretty much happy with your life and you're successful.

Yeah I came out when I was around your age and I love being gay as well. It makes me more of a unique person and it's great.

Hey it's nice to meet a fellow New Yorker! I'm positive that if I hadn't moved to this great city I'd still be stuck in the closet...like, hermetically sealed and locked inside the closet. I love NYC for that fact alone.

NYC is quite a gay-friendly place, especially that one area... the name escapes me, but you may know about it. That's one of the things I love about NYC, there's a lot of open-minded people there.

Hello, welcome Smile

I love to read a cheery message in the morning. Xyxthumbs

Hey OutandAbout,

welcome to the forums, nice to hear such a happy story Smile

Welcome to GaySpeak with your happy story Outandabout. It's really inspiring to hear positive stories such as yours. Stay around and see if you can instill a little more happiness in people's lives just from your and your boyfriend's experience... Thanks for your post.

Thanks all! It certainly wasn't always this rosy for me so I know what it's like to be down in the dumps and hope I can help anyone coming here for guidance (lord knows I could have used some during my trying times).

[SIZE=2]Great to hear good news in a first post.:biggrin:
Unfortunatly its not that common a place.:frown:

Enjoy your stay!Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it here Big Grin

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