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National Coming Out Day
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Happy Nat’l Coming Out Day : Washington Blade – LGBTQ News

Today is National Coming Out Day in the states. October 12 in the UK.

For those who haven't come out, do you plan on doing it today? Will you take the next step forward about who you are? Did you come out on National Coming Out Day?

Seeing how it says single curious man and not single Gay/Bi Man under my user name coming out today would horribly irresponsible, today is also thanksgiving so I am going to be around a large portion of my family so hypothetically if i was going to come out today would be a good day to do. It would be like killing 20 birds with one stone.

Maybe next year :tongue:

i did not come out to anyone today though the thought had crossed my mind i couldn't think of anyone i felt comfortable telling so maybe next year will present a better opportunity

already did it this week
not gona do it again for awhile XD

like timmy said maby next year

I don't know how helpful a special "coming out day" would be. Better to do it when we're ready. Who needs even more pressure about coming out?

Coming out day does have some of my straight friends talking about gay issues though, which can only be a good thing.

I think its aim is more that of enablement - some will pick that day to come out (I suspect it will be few) but overall I think as it gets the issue talked about, and maybe provokes the telling of some positive stories and hopefully those still waiting to come out will feel enabled to do so when the time is right for them.

Just thinking actually, is it not also intended as a celebration of coming out? If so happy coming out day everyone!

TimmyThink Wrote:It would be like killing 20 birds with one stone.

I lol'd :biggrin: and nope not today....

I came out to my sister on this day last year. She was highly critical. She demanded to know why I didn't do it sooner. Why did I have such a big issue with it, etc. Etc. For all she was being supportive in her own way, it was quite bruising at the same time. It was as if I'd massively offended everyone in the family (especially our gay uncle) through a lack of trust.

As a result of that, it actually took me longer to tell him. He was very understanding tho'.

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