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mine's this:

oopss... nothing came up.... hehe....

"And, why then, did an overwhelming amount of people disapprove of homosexuality? Because homosexuality used to be an evolutionary disadvantage. The more babies a certain clan could produce, the more likely that the clan would live on in the future. The clans which accepted homosexuality would've been more likely to die out in the future. Thus the clans whos members had instinctive prejudices or discriminatory rules against homosexuality were more likely to survive and the survivors wrote the religions."


I copy and paste posts in to Microsoft Word if I think I may have spelled something wrong. :redface:


(Don't ask)


its a game i play lol



That was is - A few blank lines. No idea... I've just arrived back at my PC since last night.


boah was hat mein Magen nur gegen mich dass er mich mit fiesen bauchkrämpfen quälen muss

Google Translator Smile


Umm..... Yeah I was talking to my friend on FB gay pride page....... Tongue
he makes me giggle

wow... what... a (to borrow a phrase) trainwreck. And then there's a link on the right to watch her in 2004 (on ellen)...and she's so happy, pretty, healthy-looking... unbelievable.

i STILL can not believe that Emmys (i think?) skit where the host was like "well, you turned your life around, maybe i can do the same thing." That's just embarrassing.

are you considering tulane?! I think it would be SO cool to live in New Orleans!!! Look at some pictures of the city...and the beach and stuff. Then maybe you should go visit it.

ruv yall


My activation code, ;-)


ive been showing ppl this song...the worst song ever!

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