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"We are of peace, always..."
Oh yes, The Invaders (you have to say it with the right accent and tone of voice). I do worry about my little finger getting a bit crooked as I get older :eek:

UFO, check. Moonbase Alpha ...

Lost in Space ... danger, Will Robinson, danger!

So, talking about the Andersons, I'm sure everyone remembers Fireball XL5, as well as the other series already mentioned, but I bet no one remembers the non-Anderson "Space Patrol" with Slim and Marla and ... what was the captain's name ...?

Blake's Seven, anyone?

Does "My Favourite Martian" count? The film was rubbish, so that doesn't count at all.

Red Dwarf?

Oh I do love Sci-Fi. :biggrin:

Star Trek
Red Dwarf
Fire Fly

and many more that i will not mention due to not seeing an episode of in 10-15 years.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Did someone mention Steve Zodiac, hell I must be frigging old to remember it.

Marsh it was Captain Larry Dart.

Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:Did someone mention Steve Zodiac, hell I must be frigging old to remember it.

Marsh it was Captain Larry Dart.
Cheers. I don't remember his name at all. I think Slim and Marla were from Venus and was there a brawny Martian guy called Husky ... ? Being seven or eight was such a long time ago!

Steve Zodiac and Robert the Robot, of course - "Onourwayome ... onourwayome!"

Not sci-fi I know, although still an Anderson invention with puppets, but I go back beyond Fireball XL5 to Four Feather Falls and Sheriff Tex Tucker.

I was too young to watch Quatermass the first time round though!

I think I cut my teeth on Fireball XL5, then on to Stringray and Thunderbirds.

Can you name Steve's pet?

Hmm, was it Mitch the Monkey? or have I mixed that up with something else?

Just found the answer, it was not Steve's pet.

Zoonie the Lazoon, lazy, semi-telepathic pet of Dr. Venus from planet Colevio. During his first appearances, he couldn't say anything but "welcome home" but his vocabulary grew as the series progressed, often due to him mimicking other characters. Dr. Venus was a member of the crew of XL5.

I do remember a children's sci-fi programme called ' the Tomorrow People' I think.

Okay, we forgot Supercar, which I think came before Fireball ...? Mitch was Jimmy Gibson's pet monkey while Mike Mercury was busy zooming round the place while Professor Popkiss and Dr. Beaker invented stuff.

The Tripods (TV Series 1984–1985)

[Image: MV5BMTkxODI5MzA2MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTU4...4,314_.jpg]

Sci-fi thriller about the takeover of earth by alien tripods. The conquerers start controlling human minds, but not until after they reach the age of sixteen. Two boys seek to end the terror.

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