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Hi! I'm new here :)
Hi girls! I'm new in this forum... Smile
I want to introduce myself, i'm from Argentina, Buenos Aires, but I will be on NYC on December 23, and I would love to meet girls like me, just to go out and to have a little tour on Nyc at clubs and stuff...

I'm 23 years old, i love arts, I study photography and i'm a model in my country too...
I will hope to find some good and friendly girl to can go out!.

Bye! Smile :redface:

Welcome to GS, rochita! I hope you like it here and you post here as much as possible.

Hey, I have a friend from Buenos Aires, Argentina too. She is studying in Minnesota now, she loves art and is studying film. Wow, so similar.

Oh really???, that's cool! Wink

Welcome! You study photography? I'm thinking of getting into that at least as a hobby if not a profession.

I've only just realized the lack of women here, it's nice to see a female joining. Confusedmile:

Hello. Welcome. Plenty of women have joined over the time I've been here, but usually they just don't stay very long. Pity.

Hi and welcome! :]]]

Hello Rochita, It is a pleasure to have you here... so you say you're a model aye? Lol, you must be hot?!

I have realized this site is male dominated, so I'm thinking females think it is a waste of time. And you know what? I only think MALE when I say gay. I make no distinction. when I say gay porn, I mean male on male! This is not okay!


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