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hollyoaks ste
hello. i been watching holloaks.m it is a gaystory agian. i watched it when it craig and john paul gay a long time a go and relised i wwas gay. it is a new story now ste and brenden gay it miht be somone else watched it and relised them was gay.like me . but aswel it is not nice boyfrinds like craig john paul becase him was nasty ti ste an fihted him and hurt him it is sad.becase if gay peple and boyfrinds hurting eachsother . i fond out the acter of ste was gay in rellife.

Maybe I should start watching Hollyoaks, Joseph! Smile

you shoud its brillant

Hello Joseph,
Immitating relationships in real life, sometimes television shows us real life situations. Not all couples are good to each other, so much as in real life, you will see stories where boyfriends, or husband and wife, or girlfriend and boyfriend mistreat each other or are mistreated.

Generally, if you love the other person enough, you try to work out your differences and try to forgive the hurt, but sometimes, it's better to get out of the relationship because it does nothing good for your self esteem.

This is something that doesn't only happen in the gay world, but also very often (too often) in the straight world where wives (or husbands) are beaten or put down and treated very abusively.

I'm guessing the screenplay writers of Hollyoaks are trying to put a little bit of that drama into their series, maybe to see how far the characters can take a beating before they start looking for help, or escaping from their abusive partner.

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