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A day in the life..


It's not reading crap like this every day that pisses me off or makes me angry. Its the comments from the people I live around. The people i work with, my neighbors, my landlord. When I read crap like this day after day I start to feel numb like n one is ever going to truly accept. Recently my wife had mentioned these articles on her face book and her cousin (mothers-sisters-daughter) made a huge flaming rage post, that she promptly deleted it afterwards, saying (and i quote) "...This is America Get used to it..."

No I'm sorry you heterosexual homophobic pricks , This is America YOU Get used to it.

I life with this everyday. I get told to "go to hell", I get yelled at, called slurs, and I've even ha things thrown at me. I work at a cashier in a Department store, and my manager will do nothing because his corporate does not support gays. None of the stores around me do. I'm lucky to keep the job I do have. Why must the land of the free be like this? I'm still confused as to why I can't be accepted, or why I cannot marry the woman of my dreams.

I have seen no progress at all in my area as far as acceptance and rights like I have seen in other places. In fact people get away with hate crimes here. Could someone Please share some happier stories with me? I honestly can't see the light at the end of the tunnel any more.

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