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Doogie is a Daddy
The NPH aka Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka became daddies this Wednesday, they made the announcement of the birth of their twins via twitter.

All I can say is good luck boys, cause twins good lord. That’s like twice the crying an twice the puking and twice the loss of sleep.


nice to hear....

I would rather take the noise and puking of 4 or 6 have than none Cry ...

6 :eek: that's at the least 3 to many.

TimmyThink Wrote:6 :eek: that's at the least 3 to many.

*g ... I would like it, 6 is Ok, friend of mine had 9 and it was great ... we was a big family, too... and so I miss it

Awwwwwwwww...congrats to both of them. I think they will make great parents.

Yeah, that is cool isn't it? But the way they always call NPH's spouse "Partner", is not cool. The man has a name, for some heavenly spirit's sake!! Lol.

Congratulations guys! I know a couple who are going to adopt here too, it's not gonna be easy for 'em...

Twins - indeed hard work. Mine are 23 yo, but it's only the nature of the work that has changed! That's not quite true and I still love 'em to bits.

Awwwww, I'm thinking they'll be good daddies :biggrin:

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