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Hi, I just signed up
Hey everyone, I just signed up on here. I'm mostly looking for gay friends, I only have a couple gay acquaintances that i don't often talk to. I'm a guy and I'm attracted to guys, I'm not sure about anything else, I want to come out too and need help and confidence. Let's start chatting Confusedmile:

Yes! Another New Yorker here. Welcome to the forum!

Hey Guy, Welcome. I see you want to come out. The site has EXcellent tips on how to do that, marvellously. So just peruse the forum and steel your emotions for when you tell Mom and Pop, lol.

Welllllcome to Gs :]
hope you see you around

Hello and welcome!! :}

Welcome to GaySpeak LondIslandGuy. The only difference with your coming out will be that it's YOUR coming out. So they will be your circumstances, your family, your friends and acquaintances. Many of us have found it easy to confide first in a friend, maybe a female, as they seem to accept things like that more easily. Once you've told one person, it only becomes easier to tell. That's the experience of many of us, also there is the fact that it gets the snowball rolling, and then the need to actually tell grabs us more and more. It's something to do with having the pride and guts to show who we really are and to let the world deal with the "hot potato". "We're queer, we're here, now get used to it! "
Good luck with telling your own truth. Come back here for tips and questions, as often as you like.
May I ask (just to get to know you), how and when you came to the realisation?

Hi and welcome to GS.

Hi Longislandguy, welcome to GaySpeak. You'll find awesome people in this forum. We eat brains.

Just thought i'd say:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

hey man, good to have you

welcome to the forums of justice

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