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Wear Purple Day!!!
Would of been nice to see pictures of everyone in their purple clothes now that i think about it......but this is the internet, not the safest place to post a picture.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was 'wear purple day' until it was too late. However, I did see 3 people at my college wearing purple in remembrance of those who committed suicide (I asked them about it). So that was pretty cool.

I went to the vigil and rally in Trafalgar Square last evening, where we were requested to wear purple too. I was in a very small minority on that point. Sadly, the numbers were well-down on last year (maybe just a few hundred people standing in the cold, damp evening). I gave up going to an event to which I had been very much looking forward in order to be able to attend the vigil. I just felt it was too soon to forget the victims of the Admiral Duncan bombing and people like Ian Baynham and those driven more recently to suicide by the actions of bullies. People attending came from many parts of the world, including Harvey Milk's nephew, Stuart, who flew in specially from California to be present as one of the speakers.

i wont to do like that.helping gay peple. i cant comr to london . i wont to help about bulling and nasty to gay pepple.i wont to be like marshlander

I went into school on Wednesday, someone (one of my pupils) was wearing purple. I said: "You're wearing purple, good. You are in keeping." She said: "with what?". I copped out and didn't explain. Just that it was a spiritual colour and that Wednesday was a spiritual day... I only told the half of it. I didn't think it appropriate, since the student obviously hadn't a clue what I was talking about. I just thanked her for wearing it. :redface:

conechvn Wrote:Today, I am the only guy who wear purples in a class of 200 people. (besides that, there is a guy wears a purple cap ). There are 2-3 girls wear purple also but I think it is just a coincidence. Feel lonely some how, lol.

I know what you're talking about. Sometimes it feels that lonely... but change one letter and you've turned the word into LHerzVELY, which is what you are. Confusedmile:

Mercury Wrote:i wore my purple laces and my best friend wore a headband and bracelets. i had a few friends that wore shirts or pants that were purple. i had a friend that said she had 6 people in her class that were wearing purple to support the cause and a couple others that were just coincidences. i posted about this topic on a few other forums and got a fair amount of support there too. overall i think we did pretty well.

It sounds like your group of friends did, Mercury, but the whole world didn't do very well at all, to hear the reports. How come so few made the connection or even wore purple for a deliberate statement??? That's a shame. I guess it was the same when the AIDS crisis started and nobody understood what it was about. Let's not forget AIDS remembrance day on December 1st then.

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