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Hello Everyone.
Serpent Boy Wrote:I have been studying 1400-1900. It covers England, France, Burgundy, the Slave Trade, the Civil Wars, America and so on. It is very intense but interesting. English is the best, in my opinion.


Hello and Welcome to GaySpeak, Hadyn. Hope you finally find what you're looking for here. It was very brave of you to come out so early, maybe slightly foolish too, but hey, you're an Aries, that's what Aries do. I hope your mental health issues have helped you to grow as an adult now and that you can feed on that experience to grow back into the human race, as you say. So a double Welcome Welcomethis time with Balloons balloons, because I think we ought to party... But maybe you're not ready for a crowd,
Invasion ???
so here it's safe®.
Not sure what you mean by English is the best, in your opinion. Do you mean English history, or English as a language, or the English as a people?

Ah it has been a week ago since you posted this. Welcome to the forum! I should have welcomed you the day you posted this or sometime that week. Ah well, better late than never!

Hey-hey-hey, welcome!! :]]]

Hi Hadyn Smile

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