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All that jazz
We really ought to have some Derek Bailey in a jazz thread. For those of you unfamiliar with his approach to guitar playing, I searched hard for one of his more accessible pieces
Transmutations -- Bill Laswell , Derek Bailey, Jack de Johnette , Dj Disk 1997 Frankfurt


I wanted to share this song with you which is beautiful sung by Ella Fitzgerald, though, if I can find it I'd far prefer to share Sarah Vaughan's version, her voice is just so..... purring.

see what I can find. In the meantime, enjoy!
Or this golden oldie with a Lionel Hampton who's obviously enjoying himself. There are probably better retailored sound versions of this.

Dee Dee Bridgewater does a nice rendition too, her voice closer to Sarah's but the orchestration is definitely more muzak-ey... each to their own. Illustrations of the video are quite nice though, in a soft romantic sort of way.


So since You Tube won't let me find any Sassy singing Midenight Sun, I'll give you this one, a very appropriate one for our site... LHerzVER MAN

RainoteRainoteRainote"I go to bed praying that you'll make love to me, strange as it may seem..." Wink

Here is an anthem for us too...


Acker Bilk - Stranger On The Shore [Originally released in 1961]

"Stranger on the Shore" is a piece for clarinet written by Acker Bilk for his young daughter and originally named Jenny after her. It was subsequently used as the theme tune of a BBC TV drama serial for young people that was also called Stranger on the Shore.

Bernard Stanley Bilk earned the nickname Acker from the Somerset slang for 'friend' or 'mate'. His parents wanted to him learn the piano, but as a boy, Bilk found it restricted his love of outdoor activities including football. He lost two front teeth in a school fight and half a finger in a sledging accident, both of which Bilk has claimed to have affected his eventual clarinet style. He learned the clarinet while serving in the Royal Engineers in the Suez Canal Zone, and by the mid-1950s he was playing professionally.

Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage [Originally released in 1965]

Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock (born April 12, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois) is an American pianist, bandleader and composer. Maiden Voyage which is a jazz standard and has been covered by several jazz artists.
As part of Miles Davis's "second great quintet", Hancock helped redefine the role of a jazz rhythm section, and was one of the primary architects of the "post-bop" sound. He was one of the first jazz musicians to embrace synthesizers and funk. Hancock's music is often melodic and accessible; he has had many songs "cross over" and achieved success among pop audiences. His music embraces elements of funk and soul while adopting freer stylistic elements from jazz. In his jazz improvisation, he possesses a unique creative blend of jazz, blues, and modern classical music, with harmonic stylings much like the styles of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel.

Beautiful playing (Acker Bilk) even though it might sound quite schmaltzy to some. Thanks for that, Rychard. Can you help me find Sarah Vaughan's Midnight Sun on YouTube???

Sorry PA its not on youtube as yet, but did find this from Sarah.

Sarah Vaughan "Hot N' Cold Melody"


Ornette Coleman - Ramblin' [Originally released in 1960 from the 'Change of the Century' album]

Ornette Coleman (born March 9, 1930) is an American saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter and composer. He was one of the major innovators of the free jazz movement of the 1960s.

JOHN BARRY - 'Yesternight Suite' Pt. 5 including 'As Time Goes By'

Taken from Barry's first non-soundtrack album, 'Americans', 'Yesternight Suite' is an eighteen minute jazz composition inspired by the sights and sounds of Barry's adopted homeland. Barry wanted to include a couple of American standards within the suite and in this excerpt uses the Herman Hupfeld classic, 'As Time Goes By'.
Recorded at Glen Glenn Sound Studios, Hollywood, November 1975.
Composed, arranged and conducted by JOHN BARRY.

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