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I think I did something baaaaad
Yeah that is a long procedure, isn't it? XD

well it seemed to work out for ya then Confusedmile:
i would still never do it.

fredv3b Wrote:I like hairy legs, it lets me know a guy's balls are in working order.

Is this true or just a joke? I never really made that kinda association, testosterone and all... this bothers me as my legs are getting patchier by the day :tongue: still hairy but eep...

Epilation is really good!
I use mine on my legs, arms, hands, body, well anywhere apart from armpits, face/head and downstairs Wink
It's so good because it's so cheap (£20 one off payment for an epilator), it weakens hairs the more you do it and theres never any black dots.
But it will hurt the first time you do it (if theres alot of hairs to get rid of) and it will leave alot more red dots after than shaving does (again only really the first couple of times you do it).

After the pain of it and getting into a routine of it, i think it's the best way to get rid of body hairs. It gives a waxed result with alot less effort and only £20!

You mean one of these Rob?
Epilator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Just to clarify for everyone.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

But it looks too girly for me =__+
No, thanks. I will stick with my manly razor @@

Genersis Wrote:You mean one of these Rob?
Epilator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Just to clarify for everyone.
Does look and sound like a torture device. Rips loads of hairs out, but it takes longer than waxing.....OUCH.:eek:

But atleast it lasts, and aparently you get used to it.Rolleyes

And just like other compromising things....i guess it should be hidden.:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Yeah thats the thing, although mine is a much simpler design and about a third of the price.
how is your razor manly compared to my torture device? -.-

Sil Wrote:Is this true or just a joke?

Many a truth spoke in jest. But seriously, I don't like this idea of hairless guys. I like to see evidence of testosterone in a guy.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

astringent. and next time, use a shave prep lotion from kiehls.

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