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hello. i been working at a caffy.the worker said it after cristmas i can do a placesments working in a nother cafey . i m happy about it becase i done well in the cafy i wont to work in thea one in town. but im worriyd a bit becuse i done lot of placsment an that but not a proper job. i wont a proper job in a cafy how can i get it not just work esxperince and placesment

maybe you can ask your worker or maybe ask the person in charge at the cafey? They might be able to tell you how to go about it.

i wont to go to one were i done my workespeirinces i done well there

Good luck with that, Joseph. I suppose it depends whether they have any jobs going. Xyxthumbs

it is a nother one soon.i wont to go to th same cafy thn get a job there

why not try to look for some cafe's that have vacancies?

The Virgin Wrote:why not try to look for some cafe's that have vacancies?
That is not really appropriate to Joseph's circumstances, The V. That may become an option a bit further down the line, but probably not now.

Joseph, I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new placement Bouncer

well, i don't see why there should be an issue with you finding any vacant job as of the moment...

Aw Jo mate I hope you get the support to find an actual job!!! It is really fantastic that you WANT to work!! You are a hard worker mate you deserve a good job!

I've had to look after work placement people at work and some people just don't shine.

It's a bit diffcult for everybody. To do well in that situation you have to be really good and it sounds like you were.

I'll wish you best of luck too, but you probably don't need it!

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