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The loonies are everywhere - mad non-doctor interview
I have to hope that Mirojlub Petrovic, is in a very small minority in Serbia.

He is not a doctor, but has a bachelor's of science certificate from an American centre calling itself the International Institute of Original Medicine, which offers students the chance to become a "Certified Medical Missionary in Original Medicine."

He claims that homosexuality is a disease (oh, here we go again!) and the cure is to eliminate junk food, "drink a lot of water," "reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine," engage in "physical activity," "rest [at] appropriate times." Plus, one "must think about good things." ... and receive regular enemas which I can only imagine he would be delighted to administer personally!

Petrovic, in his missionary role, says he isn't just curing gays of an affliction; he's saving them from a possible death sentence. Though he acknowledges that "you cannot execute homosexuals" at this point, he supports a system that would ultimately give gays a choice: change your behaviour or face the death penalty. He also would like to see a theocratic government established in Serbia where people are punished if they flout the natural laws of the "creator".

If you can spare twenty minutes or so for a good laugh the interview is fascinating, just as much for the professionalism of the interviewer, Jamie Kirchick, who keeps an even tone of voice throughout. I really want to believe that Petrovic is an isolated loon. Surely there aren't others who will be taken in by his claptrap ... are there? :frown:

As we make progress towards equality in many parts of the world this is what we are still up against. But then you knew that already, didn't you?

Curing 'Homosexualism' In Belgrade - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2010

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Sounds more like a detox diet :frown: Can I sue KFC for making me gay I wonder???

The guy is an utter loon! We are like prostitutes and drug users, and have in common the committing of the same types of crime?! We massacre victims with 36 knife beats (I think thats how he put it). I was going to listen to the whole thing but I have people to kill so dont have the time...[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"]Oh jeez ya know I think his guy might be right I'm going to give up smoking....oh wait haven't had a cigarette in my life.

Fine I'll get off the booze....damn it don't drink either

An just try to take away my junk food....go ahead...see what happens:mad:

And I'm pretty sure that thinking good thoughts only gives you the ability to fly....but i think one as to be sprinkled in fairy dust first, I don't know i haven't seen peter pan in a long time. [/COLOR]

I know plenty of gay men that have much healthier lifestyles than that which he suggests because it keeps them fit and attractive. I guess he didn't think of that aspect.

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I remember when Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell and his cohorts created AIDS (yes...I beleive the disease was created and nothing will change my mind due to personal experience and what i witnessed)...and the point of it I said at the time was not to really kill people but to create new generations that were easily controlled and manipulated by fear that only religion can deliver...they were losing their grip on the general populace in the 60s and 70s due to the hippies and womens movement and sexual revolution...

..this kind of thinking and crap...and there is alot of it...grew in this climate. These are the results.

Here is a piece on our loonies here in the USA.....


eastofeden Wrote:I remember when Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell and his cohorts created AIDS (yes...I beleive the disease was created and nothing will change my mind due to personal experience and what i witnessed)

Care to explain?

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

I am on my way to San Francisco this morning and leaving in a few minutes so I cannot elaborate too much but truthfully I am not sure how much I want to elaborate anyway....it isn't wise.

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