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I have to do this!? D:<
Alright everyone, since I have to do this I guess I'll make the best of it! Okay! I registered in seek of advise, but that will obviously posted some where else at a different time. So to whoever is nice enough to even look at these introduction posts, hello and welcome! My internet buddies call me Mr. Pancake and I love to cook! Okay thanks bye!

Mr.Pancake eh......I like it much cooler name than Mr.Crepes

Welcome to GS Mr.Pancake

I love pancakes with maple syrup!

and Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome, and feel free to seek advice. I'll sure we'll do our very best to help.

Welcome Smile

@ Timmy, there's nothing wrong with a plate of delicious crêpes :tongue:

Welcome Pancake Big Grin

and here's the recipe: .... LOL
No, really ... I'll keep that for later (recipe for crêpes, Marshlander knows exactly what he's talking about)

Hello and Welcome to GaySpeak, Mr Pancake ... I just love your pancake picture, it looks so yummy. You'll meet other fancy cooks on the site, Joseph being one of them.

Name yourselves all who like to cook...
So how can we help you, Mr Pancake? Confusedmile:

Hey there, Mr. Pancake! Cool username choice. There are good people who will give you advice (such as myself) on whatever. I hope ya like the forum!

Hi and welcome to GS.

Apple pancakes looks good..

[Image: OC20100621_pancakes.jpg]


Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:Hi and welcome to GS.

Apple pancakes looks good..

[Image: OC20100621_pancakes.jpg]
ALL pancakes look good.(Wheather they taste that way or not!)Cool
Guess they have "Cake" in thier name for a reason.(No "The pancake is a lie" jokes pleaseWink)

Oh, sorry. Getting carried away with the whole pancake thing.:redface:
Enjoy your stay!:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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